Zone and Bond Guide

To ensure the best performance, please refer to the resources below to find the appropriate bond for your job.

BOND GUIDE Saw 22 Saw 44 Saw 66
Zone Number Low HP Saw 10-20hp Gas/5-10hp Electric Med HP Saw 35-65hp Gas or Diesel/20-30hp Electric High HP Saw 66 – 70+hp/40hp Electric

Soft Rock (Zone 1):

  • Soft Limestone, Sandstone, Dolomite, Shell-rock, Siliceous Rock, Pit Gravel, Limestone, Dolomite
  • Z1122 Z1144 Z1166

    Medium Rock (Zone 3):

  • Medium River Rock, Medium Tap Rock, Decomposed Granite, Crushed Gravel, Granite
  • Z3322 Z3344 Z3366

    Hard Rock (Zone 5):

  • Hard Limestone, Latimo, Granite, Pea Gravel, Flint, Quartzite, Chert, Hard River Rock, Quartzite
  • Z5522 Z5544 Z5566